IGI Certified Diamonds

International Gemmological Institute (IGI) is an organization that tests and grades gemstones and fine jewellery. IGI assess diamond's cut, clarity, color and carat weight as per strict international standards. Each brilliant is scientifically analyzed by trained gemologists at various stages who combine their knowledge and experience to finalize the certification report. The diamonds at Ecolight are IGI certified and passes through various scales (4C’s) of examination. Each stone is created to be eligible for IGI certification to clear the state-of-the-art assessment. We at Ecolight make sure that our lab diamonds fit into the standards for our clients to be assured while purchasing our sparklers. Our certified diamonds come with a report that defines their unique characteristics and thorough detailing. The report also includes a diagram with mapping out each clarity characteristic in detail for our clients to understand how authentic and reliable our diamonds are. Hence IGI certification becomes an added boon for a buyer while purchasing a diamond or making a buying decision. It’s our firm belief that each brilliant along with the certification should give a sense of satisfaction to our clients.

Fancy Diamonds

A crystal can have a fancy shape or a fancy colour. Fancy shaped diamonds are those with other shapes than a round brilliant. The shape of a diamond is based on the physical form. Most popular fancy shaped diamonds include oval, princess, cushion, emerald, pear, marquise, asscher and heart shaped. Diamonds that are colorless to light yellow falls between the normal color range D-Z. Fancy colored diamonds that are yellow to brown goes beyond the Z range. They are fancy because they are tinted with other colors or they have a strong base of yellow because of which they can hardly appear colorless. These loose diamonds come in any color with most including blue, red, green and pink. Though these sparklers cost less than the pure white ones, the quality of color is the most important factor to determine the price. Their value increases with the strength and purity of the color. However large diamonds with fancy colors are rare and expensive.

Stars and Melee Diamonds

Star and melee diamonds are tiny crystals that are usually used to accentuate a large brilliant. As per the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), melee diamonds weigh less than 0.2 carats and can be as small as 0.001 carats. Star diamonds are as small as melees and are often known as diamond dust. Their size ranges from 0.009 to 0.02 carats and a big star diamond measures about 1.8mm. Large amount of these sparkles are combined to get that distinct sparkle. Whereas melee diamonds can be cut in two ways – Single Cut and Full Cut. Full cut melees are crafted just as round large brilliants and are finished with 57-58 facets giving the same detailing as larger brilliants. These melees shine exceptionally reflecting maximum light and are used as centre stones. Single cut melee diamonds only have 17 facets and a simple cutting method is used to cut them. Such small diamonds don’t have the fire and brilliance that a full cut stone has. Both small-sized stones are not sold individually, they are usually bundled up or sent in parcels. The price is then fixed considering the size, cut and weight of the diamonds and is charged accordingly as per the parcel. Though small in size, they are still appreciated by the manufacturers for their importance and the efforts that goes in crafting them.

Why Lab Grown Diamond ?


Lab created diamonds have the same quality and optical properties as natural diamonds.


Lab created diamonds contribute excellent value, and are more affordable than natural diamonds

Mining Free

“NO MINING” is required for lab created diamonds. Elevate your jewelry with lab grown diamonds

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